Melek Melike Binici, born in 1988 in Mersin, has lived most of his life abroad. Melek Melike Binici, who has been transformed into a shopping monster with a love of fashion since childhood, has started to do this job as a profession by her shopping experiences he has accumulated over the years with his professional life in time. In order to improve herself in style counsulting, she completed her styling education at Vakko Esmod School which is affiliated with Vakko and has an international education certificate program. She has played an active role in in the training of style and image consultancy for men and women ; 'Corporate Image Consulting' , 'Training and Seminars', 'Clothing Direction' and 'Shopping Consultant' which is given to the personnel in corporate business life. Styling for Fashion Press, Fashion History, Fashion Communication, Advertising and Catalog Styling, Sequence, Film, Clip and photo shoot,Individual styling for actors and artists, Determining the image according to the player character, clothing sponsorship, fashion show consultancy, personal shopping consultancy and has worked in various institutions and organizations for series, films, commercials, catalogs and photo shoots. At the same time , MELEK MELIKE BINICI who ,combined the love of fashion with writer,has written fashion articles in AKTUEL magazine and various press organizations.