6 Golden rules of correct choice for summer coats

Coats are indispensable for men. But wearing a coat for warm weather can be torture. Now I'll tell you the golden rules of how to be cool while staying cool. It's easy to assume that as long as the fabric is lightweight a sport coat will be perfect for summer , but that is simply not the case ! While weight is certainly one aspect , it is not the only one and a lightweight fabric on its own does not necessarily make for a good summer garment. Here are the six golden rules you should consider when buying a sport coat for warm weather .. !
1 - It goes without saying that a summer sport coat should be lightweight, but what exactly does that mean ? Ideally, a lightweight choice would fall around 8 to 9 oz (240-270 grams) You should not feel any more weight on body and you should feel cool inside. Now manufacturers have started to produce lighter fabrics without sacrificing quality. Therefore, you will not have much difficulty in finding fine fabrics. In addition, you must stay away from easy wrinkled fabrics.
2- Another detail is the weaving of the fabric. The weave of the fabric is extremely important because a tightly woven fabric restricts airflow, whereas an open weave fabric (such as a fresco) makes you feel every little breeze. Therefore , take a close look at the weave . Hold the fabric up to the light, and you will see how open or closed.
3- Let's choose your coat as unlined as possible. The liner cuts off air flow and reduces coolness. Primers are especially used to ensure that the coat is more slippery on the shirt and to prevent damage to the fabric. Therefore, you do not need to use a liner on your sport coat for warm weather.

4- When choosing your sport coat , you should make sure that its pattern is not too big. I don't recommend plain color coat for use unlined. Plaid coat would be an excellent choice for this.
5- THE MOST IMPORTANT DETAIL IS COLOR CHOICE! At that, as we are getting ride of cold and gloomy weather, let's put gray black and dark colors aside and choose light colors according to our harmony of skin.

6- Personally I would say that double-breasted jackets is the most excellent choice for warm weather . You should buy it if you want to stay cool in summer . I am a big fan of double-breasted jackets . But one-button jacket is the most beautiful details that will help you to staying cool. In this way, you will stay cool and feel cooler. It's in your hands to look great in a sports coat.

Source : aktueldergi.net