Even if you are a manager ,a doctor ,a lawyer , an hausewife , a fitness coach or an artist , i know that

you are good at your job . ,


What first impression do you give to people ?

Do you really care yourself in pace of life ?

Do you have a style ?

Are your clothes suits you ?

Are you the first person that attract all notices ?

Do you want to find suitable clothes without spending much time in shopping malls ?

If your several answer is negative , it is right time to take an assistance !

You may be succesfull , funny , hard worker or professional in your field and it might took a long time

to find yourself.

If you do not have style , you should not be upset !

You can find your style with an professional help.

Do you know importance of first impression ?

You may not be sure which clothe is suits you , you may not have time or wil.

If you want a wardrobe that full of clothes which makes you feel safe , happy and show off , you have

to ask yourself who i am and how can i spend my time ?


Dress selection reflects your character.

Your profession , daily habits and your character affects your style .Style is utter but can have

variations place by place. Do you know that first impression can effect other peoples thought up to

55% ?


I helped a businessman as an style consultant with my clients advice at the beginning of my

career. When the topic came to wardrobe order , i realise that he uses just one color tie which is red.

I asked the reason and his reply was very impressive ;

“I am a regular person and my mood can be changable too but i must hide this unstability to

keep my collegues and workers mood high. In order to reflect my mood to my rivals in meetings etc...

, I use unicolor tie “

I listened very carefully and He was right. It is obvious that colors and style of clothes can be

changable with respect to our mood and ı was impressed by hearing this from a businessman.

Yes , sometimes we wake up unhappy and this leads indecision in dressing and this leads

even more unsatisfaction. Actually if we choose right dress , our mood may change in positive way.To

do so , you can ask help from style consultant to take clothe combines each day of week by doing this

, you will save time every morning and you will feel better.

You can feel good only the clothes that fits you .We are here help you to form your style and

image best way that it could be .By doing so, our priority is your happiness. If you are unhappy please

check your wardrobe , you will see once your clothes become beautiful your soul will feed the


Best Wishes

Melek Melike BINICI